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"Ru" Ru58841 Topical | 50 ML
"Ru" Ru58841 Topical | 50 ML

The future of hair loss has arrived


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Introducing Ru58841, the most advanced topical anti androgen which stops long term hair loss, by preventing DHT and Testosterone from attaching to scalp androgen receptors WITHOUT interfering with hormones.

100% side effect free - does not interfere with internal hormone production

Increases hair follicle density & diameter | increases the length of the anagen phase

Has shown equivalent or superior results when compared to Finasteride

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Always third party tested for purity and safety - made in a GMP certified facility

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Stop hair loss and regrow your hair in 3-6 months

Stop hair loss and regrow your hair in 3-6 months

Stop hair loss and regrow your hair in 3-6 months

Free 3-5 Day Shipping

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"Ru" is not intended to cure, prevent, or treat any disease.

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3rd party tested

Zero side effects, non hormonal

No parabens, gluten, scents, or sulfates

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Fixes all biological pathways of hair loss

Originally made popular by the infamous Derek Aka More Plates More Dates, Ru58841 has become increasingly popular for being as effective if not more effective than finasteride without altering internal hormone profiles and causing side effects.

Ru58841 works by:

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Hair Follicle Regeneration 💫

Scalp Juce regrows your hair by increasing the diameter of the hair follicle growing thicker and stronger hair, igniting anagen (the hairs natural growth phase), and regenerating dead zones in the scalp through cellular regeneration.

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Scalp Blood Flow 🔥

Similar to minoxidil, Scalp Juce™ dramatically increases blood vessel flow and builds new blood vessels through the process of angiogenesis. As a result, the hair follicles become unclogged from DHT, chronic inflammation, hypoxia, and oxidative stress. Nutrients are able to be properly delivered, causing new and existing hair to grow like never before.

Your Hairs Superhero Defender

DHT and Testosterone are the two biggest hair loss causes. They bind to the scalps androgen receptors and begin to degrade the hair follicle over time. Ru58841 competes for binding affinity, stopping DHT from binding to the scalps androgen receptors altogether, or greatly diminishing the amount that is able to bind. As a result, your hair follicle is untouched by DHT, giving you life long hair loss prevention without compromising your internal hormones.

The hair loss cycle

DHT, Testosterone

Binds to hair follicle

Ru58841 - Competes for binding affinity, stops/diminishes DHT from binding to the scalps androgen receptors

Induces DK-1 Gene

DK-1 gene activates = negative regulator in Wnt pathway

Wnt pathway inhibited

Hair loss!!!

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What is Ru58841...

Forgotten Science

Ru58841 was originally developed in the 1980s by a french pharmaceutical company. It showed very promising results in early trails which pushed it to phase 2 and 3 human trials which were reportedly very well tolerated. However the company sold the rights and never published the trials, from there phase three trials were dropped due to monetary reasons.

A Better Finasteride Alternative

Ru58841 binds to the scalps androgen receptors, stopping DHT and testosterone from binding and degrading the hair follicle over time. Unlike finasteride, it is non invasive and does not show any systemic effect on hormones such as internal DHT suppression which can cause nasty side effects.

A Powerful Anti Androgen

Ru58841 is actually a peptide commonly referred to as an anti androgen. Unlike Finasteride, not only does it stop DHT from binding to the scalp androgen receptors, it also stops testosterone from binding to the scalp androgen receptors. Something that every single FDA approved med ignores, and has a powerful effect on hair loss

There's nothing quite like this on the market...

Advertisement comparing Finasteride and Ru58841 for hair loss, with pros and cons highlighted.

What's all the hype about?

Ever since the infamous Derek aka More Plates More Dates brought Ru58841 onto the mainstream, it seems like everyone has something to say about it. Ru58841 has generated thousands of social media posts and conversations online about its efficacy, and its ability to stop hair loss without the side effects of finasteride.

3rd party tested, FDA compliant

Non Toxic,
Paraben free

Cruelty free, never
tested on animals

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