Growth Factor™ Natural DHT Regulator

Growth Factor™ Natural DHT Regulator

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Experience the strongest natural hair loss supplement formulated by trichologists. This turnkey formula features saw palmetto, a potent DHT regulator. A carefully formulated blend of Biotin, Vitamin A, E, and C, as well as an immune support blend. 


Regulates the bodies production of DHT, a major hormone that accelerates hair loss

Supports nutrient partitioning to the scalp, by providing the body with essential nutrients needed for hair health

Clinically tested, Trichologist formulated

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"A recent study of Saw Palmetto saw an increase in hair density at 6 months noted among 83.3% of study participants, with “greatly increased” density described by 26.7% of men and 33.3% of women. 93.3% of the subjects reported “general reduction” in hair loss, with 79.0% defining it as “significantly high,” 83.3% reported thicker and bulkier hair, 90.0% felt their hair was stronger with a better combing effect, and 88.5% reported reduced greasiness. At the end of the study, 93.0% of patients were “satisfied” with the results.."

Guilherme Tude - PhD in Trichology

Safe for everyday use

Clinically Tested

5 Star Customer Support

100% risk free

Increases hair topical results

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