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Scalp Pal™ - Advanced Scalp Care Massager - Hair Oiling Applicator With Red Light Therapy

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Meet your hairs secret weapon, the all new electric scalp massager and hair oil applicator with red light therapy. Let your hair reap the rewards of the most precise oil applicator, with advanced red light therapy technology.

Rated the #1 hair care tool of 2023

Helps reduce hair loss, increases scalp and hair vitality

Precision applicator - apply 1-6 ml of hair oil

IPX5 fully waterproof

Clinically proven to give up to 66% more growth than topical, laser and supplement treatments alone

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"Studies have shown that low level laser therapy stimulated hair growth in both men and women. Studies with largest randomized controlled trials demonstrated statistically significant hair regrowth by terminal hair count in both males and females."

Guilherme Tude - PhD in Trichology

Safe for everyday use

Clinically Tested

5 Star Customer Support

100% risk free

Increases hair topical results

Experience the difference

Results demonstrated after 150 days

Reviews are great, results are even better. A December 2021 study analyzed the results of low level laser therapy on over 250 men and women to find out just how effective this low level laser therapy really was.  


experienced less hair loss


had a clinically tested increase in anagen reentry of telogen hair follicles


had a clinically tested increase in hair density and decrease of hair shedding

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